center for contemporary circus & the art of movement 
training | residencies | workshops | shows

TRAP is a non-profit association, promoting contemporary circus, artistry and the performing arts. 


The TRAP hall is a space for artistic practices of various kinds! 

the venue

three spaces (50-400m²) that can be used independently | height = 7 meters | rigging points | crash mats | puzzle mats | light and sound | mirrors

TRAP is a central place for movement in Vienna, a creative home to artists.

TRAP is for everybody who wants to express themselves physically and for the big variety of circus disciplines.

TRAP is open for you to do trainings | acrobatics | aerial arts
| dance | juggling | martial arts | exhibitions & showings | work on stage creations | ...

what's new: 

shiny floor and booking system

  • Come and check out the candy floor! From now on, we're back to no shoes in the hall - thanks
  • Our booking system is online: reserve your slot or buy a daily/weekly/monthly/annual training pass at ->


The hall renovation of the past year has been financed foremostly with direct personal loans. This is a micro-credit scheme with private individuals lending us 500€ or more. It makes TRAP independent from banks and horrendous interest rates. In turn, direct personal loans provide an attractive opportunity for the loaners, corresponding with the habiTAT‘s guiding principle:

»Better backed by a thousand friends than have a bank breathe down your neck!«

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Zustimmen & anzeigen


[email protected] (emails are being answered more quickly if you write in English)


Rappachgasse 26


1110 Vienna


opening hours 

7am – 11pm 

getting there

by public transport: a seven minute walk from U3 Enkplatz 

by bike: yes please! 

NO car parking – only quick unloading (the surrounding area is a short-term parking zone)