How & when can I use the TRAP hall?

We are still working on our new booking system - stay tuned! 
Until this tool is ready for you, please get in touch for bookings via

prices & schedule

TRAP has three spaces (56/65/321m²) with different ceiling heights (2.5-6 meters) that can be booked independently.

Open training with a daily/weekly/monthly/annual pass is possible monday to friday 8am - 2pm and whenever else the hall is not booked exclusively. (Exceptions may occur very few times a year; this will be communicated to the users at least three months in advance!)

hall (exclusive use)

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321m2 in total, rigging points at a height of 6 meters, rigging points on the ground for chinese pole and tightwire. 100 x 1m2 puzzle mats are available. Soon there will be the possibility to seperate the hall in two parts with a curtain and to rent half the hall.

Half hall, 160m²:

  • 1 day (12h) = 150€ (mon-fri) / 200€ (weekend+holiday)
  • half day (6h) = 85€ (mon-fri) / 115€ (weekend+holiday)
  • 1 hour = 35€ (mon-fri) / 40€ (weekend+holiday) 

Entire hall, 320m²:

  • 1 day (12h) = 300€ (mon-fri) / 400€ (weekend+holiday)
  • half day (6h) = 170€ (mon-fri) / 230€ (weekend+holiday)
  • 1 hour = 70€ (mon-fri) / 80€ (weekend+holiday)

studio (exclusive use)

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56m2, separated from the hall, high ceiling with rigging point, puzzle mats available.

  • 1 day (12h) = 130€ (mon-fri) / 150€ (weekend+holiday)
  • 1 hour = 20€ (mon-fri) / 40€ (weekend+holiday)

galery (exclusive use)

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Separated from the hall, 65m2, normal ceiling height

  • 1 day (12h) = 100€ (mon-fri) / 120€ (weekend+holiday)
  • 1 hour = 20€ (mon-fri) / 35€ (weekend+holiday)

open training (non-exclusive)

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From monday to friday, 8.00am – 2pm, we guarantee a space for free training for holders of day/week/month/year passes. All other times with free slots are open to free training, too; they might be booked and thus blocked on short notice though. If you would like to come, email to and request your daily/weekly/monthly/annual pass and sign our user contract! People who enter TRAP have to sign into a form in the entrance hall with their names as well as arrival and departure time. If users aren’t registered, there will be consequences!

  • day pass = 8€
  • week pass (7days)= 30€ 
  • month pass (calendar month)= 55€
  • annual pass (12months) = 400€

While the booking system is in the making, you can check free slots here:

Important for aerial acrobatics:

You have to take part in a security instruction before starting to train and need sufficient skills to do so. It is not allowed to do the rigging yourself and neither to train alone! Look for a training buddy in the „TRAP – Aerial Training Community” (