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TRAP has three spaces with different ceiling heights that can be booked exclusively or be shared with others during open training times.

The automated booking system provides you with a calendar to check the availability at TRAP, it allows you to book the spaces exclusively and to buy open training passes:


options & prices

Three spaces (56m², 62m², 321m²) with diffrent ceiling heights (2.5 to 6 meters) for individual training, workshops and classes.

Open training with a daily/weekly/monthly/annual pass from monday to friday 8am - 2pm and whenever else the hall is not booked exclusively. (Exceptions may occur very few times a year; this will be communicated to the users at least three months in advance!)

hall (exclusive use)

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321m2 in total, rigging points at a height of 6.5 meters, rigging points on the ground for chinese pole and tightwire. 100 x 1m2 puzzle mats are available. As soon as we have the capacities, we will install a curtain to seperate the hall in the middle, so you have more privacy when renting only half the hall.

Half hall, 160m²:

  • 1 day (12h) = 150€ (mon-fri) / 200€ (weekend+holiday)
  • half day (6h) = 85€ (mon-fri) / 115€ (weekend+holiday)
  • 1 hour = 35€ (mon-fri) / 40€ (weekend+holiday) 

ATTENTION: There may be parallel open training in the other hall half. We do not yet have visual separation through a curtain. 

Entire hall, 320m²:

  • 1 day (12h) = 300€ (mon-fri) / 400€ (weekend+holiday)
  • half day (6h) = 170€ (mon-fri) / 230€ (weekend+holiday)
  • 1 hour = 70€ (mon-fri) / 80€ (weekend+holiday)

studio (exclusive use)

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56m2, separated from the hall, high ceiling with rigging point, puzzle mats available.

  • 1 day (12h) = 130€ (mon-fri) / 150€ (weekend+holiday)
  • 1 hour = 20€ (mon-fri) / 40€ (weekend+holiday)

galery (exclusive use)

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Separated from the hall, 65m2, normal ceiling height

  • 1 day (12h) = 100€ (mon-fri) / 120€ (weekend+holiday)
  • 1 hour = 20€ (mon-fri) / 35€ (weekend+holiday)

open training (non-exclusive)

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From monday to friday, 8.00am – 2pm, we guarantee a space for free training for holders of day/week/month/year passes. All other times with free slots are open to free training, too; they might be booked and thus blocked on short notice though, so please check the availability in the booking system calendar.

IMPORTANT: People who enter TRAP have to sign into a form in the entrance hall with their names as well as arrival and departure time. If users aren’t registered, there will be consequences!

  • day pass = 8€
  • week pass (7days)= 30€ 
  • month pass (calendar month)= 55€
  • annual pass (12months) = 400€

With every booking you are agreeing to our...


Aerial acrobatics: as indicated in our terms and conditions, you need sufficient skills to train aerials. You cannot train alone. You are not allowed to do the rigging yourself. Feel free to look for a training buddy in the „TRAP – Aerial Training Community” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/770211230099307/) 

Events or workshops with more than 49 participants (including staff!) cannot be done without prior permission from TRAP: Write to [email protected] before booking and planning your event or big workshop! Please indicate the number of people who will be in the hall, the purpose of your event/workshop and the equipment you intend to use.